is a new type of platform which brings together a community of verified users with Causes, Candidates, and Crowdfunding Startups.
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“Advocy allows users with various passions and interests to interact while providing a tool for contributing to a diverse selection of campaigns and projects, backed by the technological advancements of the blockchain”


Feeds made for you …by REAL users!

Real People…

Anyone can join Advocy, however only verified users can post content. Verification is achieved through a one-time micro fee. This prerequisite weeds out fake accounts and bots which lack the ability to present and process a credit card transaction.

Personalized Social Media Feed…

Through a customizable news feed “navigation bar” users can tailor their experience in real time to create meaningful content engagement, while having the assurance they are interacting with real people, not bots.

Event Management and Reservations…

Organizations can create upcoming event listings on their customized profile pages. Users can search and reserve tickets to these events.

Social Account

Free to join. Social user can access all media content and browse all campaigns.

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Social Plus Account
$0.50 Verification

One-Time micro fee. Post content anywhere on the site. One click access to contribute to any campaign or cause.

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Recipient Account
$0.50 Verification

One-Time micro fee. Post content anywhere on the site. Unlimited Campaigns. Transaction costs 18%-40% lower than other platforms.

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